Hause Venue is an historic building built in 1891. It was named Hauschild Music Company after its founder George Hermann Hauschild. In 1893 Hauschild and his eldest son built the upper two levels (Hauschild Opera House). The upper two levels would show vaudeville shows, plays, and concerts. The company was committed to publishing composers from the region. It was the first music publishing company in the state to publish Texas Mexican composers.

This building has been a variety of businesses from a restaurant, bible bookstore, antique shop, appliance store just to name a few.


Hause Venue opened in the latter of 2016. With over 17,000 square feet of three levels that include a balcony overlooking the second level. It also has two stages, two bars and divine chandeliers throughout the entire venue. Located in Downtown Victoria, Texas. Words cannot express in just a few lines how elegant the venue is, it is a must see!